A few weeks ago, a group of educators from the ITEP des Fioretti and the management of the association Atouts et perspectives, support of the establishment, set up, in connection with food shops in the sector, Logistics to deliver groceries to older or less mobile residents.
It was by delivering a beneficiary on the pool side that one of them remembered that Yvette Dubois resided in the area. The latter was an accountant of what was an orphanage of boys, in the Grande Rue, before becoming the centre we know, built in the 1980s, road of Loudun. Last Thursday, Yvette celebrated her 99th birthday on her own

She was surprised to see a delegation of the Fioretti, a climbing rose, landed at her home, offered by the establishment, with the benevolence of the Braye-sous-Faye garden. “I am not opening you because of the health crisis, but as soon as we are done with it, you will come back and we will water the planted rose and my birthday, in moderation,” joked the almost centenary, opening its window, to break its solitude for a few moments.

Source: New Republic

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