Nawel Sedano sent a hundred CVs to be able to follow his BTS communication alternately. It is not easy to find an internship in these troubled times. The Atouts et Perspectives association (historically Village des jeunes) offered the student a two-year internship, during her studies, to set up and maintain communication with multiple challenges. What more could we wish for this young 20-year-old woman who already has ideas, facilities with current tools and above all a strong desire to help spread a modern and dynamic image of the former association La Paternelle, of which nothing remains, if not the extraordinary site and an image that sticks to the skin, distorted by the prism of the past. La Paternelle no longer exists, let’s face it. Today, a support structure for young people with disabilities, with behavioral problems but intact intelligence, is resolutely open to the outside. Exit therefore, prison and other difficult working conditions reserved for young delinquents, in any case perceived as such, in an era that has now passed.

The real challenge today is to transform that image, to hammer home with the last rebel spirits that everything has changed. This young communications officer works there with fervor: “My goal is to create the tools and to make them sustainable. Make sure to create stable communication, which will last after my departure. ” The tools ? The creation of a YouTube channel, a LinkedIn page, a website providing information on the different axes of the structure. “At Aftec, the teachers give us a lot of autonomy and a lot of tools are at our disposal. I discovered the secrets of successful communication, it’s fascinating, “says the student, who already knows that she will continue her studies with a license dedicated to the digital world. In the meantime, this communicator can show you around or get information.

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Source : nouvelle république

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